Bridge the Gap

Everyone is caught up in the “Love Yourself” movement that they are forgetting to love others. Learning to love all that you are and all that you are created to be is a lifetime of facing fears, taking risks, growing, and becoming and unbecoming all that you once thought was true. You discover new truths and learn that your validation must not come from others…. It’s tough. This is a battle that, if you choose to truly embark on, you fight daily, but don’t forget the ones that have fought with you and for you and along side you. People are so protective of loving themselves that they forget that truly loving yourself is opening yourself up to others. It is being so rooted in the source of who you are that you can give freely. It is to being so full of love that it pours out onto all those around you.
So I must ask:
Why do we stand safely on one side when we were built to bridge the gap? We are designed to be rooted in love and to extend down into the trenches to fight along side others to lift them up.
What is this life without the connections you foster and the experiences you create with each other? Loving is scary and hard, but anything worth attaining is.

  1. John 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your blog. Was fun to meet you at the Foundation Room!

    • Author
      Elizabeth Sandoz 3 years ago

      Thank you for checking it out!!

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