About Elizabeth

I come from a small town, but my dreams to discover and connect with the world around me have been a lifelong motivation. They have lead me towards my journey of travel and discovery.

By following this dream, I realized the importance of meaningful connections with others, from a variety  of different of cultures and backgrounds.  I learned that the differences between us (such as those based on language and borders) are not the real issues that separate humanity. This lesson, among others has lead me to set my life trajectory on a path, extraordinary– one that is characterized by passion, purpose, connection to others and the earth itself.

I have always loved writing and went on to start a travel blog sharing my journeys (both inner and outer) with others.  I felt empowered through connecting with, and bringing to fruition, my inner creative self. I began to realize the authentic  and unique life that awaited me: one full of expression and passion.

After returning from Africa, I enrolled in a globally esteemed life coaching program,  and started my own business: EJ Sandoz Coaching and Consulting LLC.

I am currently a creativity and life purpose coach, who finds joy in helping people bring awareness to their everyday lives. This is instrumental in the ultimate goal of authentic expression and living life to the fullest which occurs when an individual accesses their passion, and purpose, allowing them to engage creatively and meaningfully with their unique way.


I'm not around right now. But you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.


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